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Lib radio host: ‘Very few people’ know who Rush Limbaugh is

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World-renowned radio commentator Randi Rhodes took to the air waves on Monday to say she didn’t understand how a nobody like Rush Limbaugh could claim he is “too famous” to moderate the Republican presidential nomination debates when almost no one’s even heard of the guy.

For the uninformed, Limbaugh is an obscure radio personality thought to broadcast from somewhere in Florida and is believed to hold right-of-center views on most subjects, although it’s tough to be sure since he’s so little in the public eye.

rushlimbaughHow his name even came up in connection with the nominating contest for one of two major political parties in the world’s most powerful country is as much of a mystery as why he would think he is too well known to do it.

Fortunately, Rhodes, who got her widest listenership during the disastrous Air America liberal experiment with talk radio (2004-10), is around to pop that balloon.

“That egotistical blowhard thinks he’s too famous to moderate a debate, he’s too famous,” Rhodes told the 30 or so people listening to her afternoon show.

“I got news for you. Very few people in this country know who he is and that is the dirty little secret. You’ve got about 60 million people who are going to vote and they don’t know who he is. Young people don’t know who he is, OK? People who don’t listen to talk radio don’t know who he is. There’s 3 million viewers on any given day on Fox News, no one outside of those 3 million people know who he is! It’s ridiculous! He’s so famous, he’s so famous that he can’t, uh, he can’t possibly, you know, be a moderator. I just, I cannot believe the ego on this fat freak.”

She can’t believe the ego.

She really, really can’t.

(Just for the record, Limbaugh is heard on more than 600 U.S. stations daily. Rhodes’ website claims her syndicated show is on 32.)

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