Abortion clinic offering Sunday coupons ups ante with sexy white women ad

The Orlando abortion clinic being run by a controversial, unlicensed physician that recently offered a $50 discount for abortions performed on Sundays has upped the ante.

The Orlando Women’s Clinic has posted a video advertisement on YouTube with a coupon for $100 discount on abortions. And while the clinic is located in an urban area, the video features young, sexy white women in modeling poses.

The Orlando Woman’s Center is run by Dr. James Pendergraft, a physician who has had his license revoked five times by the Florida Board of Medicine.

The latest suspension was a result of Pendergraft not paying fines totaling more than $120,000 from a previous disciplinary action by the Board over a gruesomely botched elective abortion in 2006.

The clinic reopened in July after being shut down in June and having all of its equipment seized as part of a $36 million lawsuit — a jury found it negligent when a woman who came in for an illegal third-trimester abortion ended up leaving and delivering a premature baby at the hospital, Life News reported.

Pendergraft also operates four other abortion clinics, primarily in the Orlando area, according to Life News.

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, told Life News that Pendergraft “is a prime example of how an abortionist operating outside the law in a manner that is reminiscent of the Kermit Gosnell murder case.”

“Pendergraft belongs in prison just as much as Kermit Gosnell,” Newman said in April, “But the reticence of the Board to revoke his license means he will be back to wrecking more havoc on women.”

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison


12 thoughts on “Abortion clinic offering Sunday coupons ups ante with sexy white women ad

  1. patriot1742 says:

    Arrest him and let a jury decide – shut this monster down – he is killing babies.

  2. Audrey Rumsey says:

    chop of his hands…problem solved!!

    1. jlenoreb says:

      Actually, a labotomy would fix him up just right!

  3. jlenoreb says:

    Black abortionists have been in the news mainly because it’s been showing blacks getting most of the abortions, so they have turned to using white women in their ads to try to change the stereotype!

  4. Doug says:

    If Sunday stays slow. Double the coupon.

  5. J P says:

    –convinced woman is a sex object, they entice: stay that way for our pay. Outside holy matrimony, sex is soul-expensive. Chastity costs nothing but a life.

    1. Doug says:

      Chastity and responsibility are the answers.

  6. Carolkitfox says:

    I would like to know, as a FL resident why he is still allowed to practice medicine instead of being in jail.,

    1. Kenneth Clark says:

      Because he has the entire wharped, murderous democratic political machine supporting his every murder.

  7. Kenneth Clark says:

    We really need television ads depicting what actually is happening in these concentration camps called Planned Parenthood (what a freaking joke for a name to murder infants)

    We need mailers to flood the mailboxes.

    1. Doug says:

      You can afford to finance the mailers. Get the ball rolling.

      1. Kenneth Clark says:

        Wanna get on board?

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