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Press corps grumbles: We’re ‘prisoners’ of Obama vacation

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The White House press corps is beginning to revolt. Its members have had enough of the Obama vacations, and are even complaining of being “prisoners” to the Obama schedule while he’s putting around.

Things used to be so easy during the Bush-43 years. When the president felt he needed to recharge the batteries, he’d head to the Crawford ranch for a few days of fence-mending and brush-clearing. In those days, the locals barely took notice and the press corps seemed to have a good time.

That doesn’t work with the Obamas, uh uh, no way. When they go on vacation, everyone knows it, and everyone suffers. Whether vacationing in Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard, the local residents always complain about road closures, long detours and traffic disruptions between the home and the golf course.

This time, even the White House press corps is grumbling.

CBS News White House correspondent tweeted:


Of course, that’s the Obamas — that’s not the press corps travel pool. Its members aren’t on vacation and to let us know it, they put together the following video:

Incidentally, Obama hit the links again Sunday. This makes his 140th round of golf, which is 116 more than Bush played during his entire two terms in office. I guess “Dubya” was just too busy mending fences and clearing brush.

H/T Newsbusters.


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