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Sequester forced military to nix fireworks, but Obamas enjoy vacation display

obamas watch fireworks
The Obamas watched fireworks from the White House portico on July 4, 2013
Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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How nice that the first family got to enjoy a fireworks display in Oak Bluffs Friday night while vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard.

But what a heartbreaking shame for the thousands of families on military bases across the country whose Fourth of July fireworks were cancelled this year due to budget cuts caused by the sequester.

Thousands of people attended the 30-minute display, The Martha’s Vineyard Times reported, including the Obamas, who arrived after having dinner with the president’s best friend Valerie Jarrett.

There was supposed to be “photo-op” of the family watching the fireworks, “but that got nixed,” a pool report said, according to the Washington Examiner.

No explanation was offered as to why the photo-op was cancelled, but perhaps it’s a good thing that it was.

At least for all the military children who had to watch fireworks on TV or via YouTube this year.

How very sad.


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