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Obama believes ‘Obamacare is bad for America’ makes left crazy at townhall

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A video of a town hall held by U.S. Rep. Dan Webster is making its way around the Internet after the Republican from Florida said President Obama believes that “Obamacare is bad for America.”

As Webster explained his votes in support of legislation to repeal and/or defund Obamacare, he added: “I believe that Obamacare is bad for America … and so does the president.”

With that many constituents in the town hall Thursday reacted with shock and outrage, as reported by The Blaze, with audience members exclaiming, “No he doesn’t!” “Tell the truth!” “So does the president? Please.” “Stop lying!”

The Blaze did not report that “many” of the constituents in attendance were not run of the mill voters, but far-left activists from Organize Now, successor to now-defunct ACORN Florida, along with a partner advocacy group Health Care for America Now.

Information that was revealed in a report by the far-left Think Progress.

Furthermore, this is not the first time these activists have ambushed a Webster town hall, as Think Progress proudly reported back in April 2011. Things got so out of hand at this previous event that a police officer stepped forward and told the crowd to act “like grown people.”

Interestingly, Think Progress published an interview with Tamecka Pierce in 2011, identifying her as a “constituent,” without acknowledging that she was also then-president of Organize Now.

Tom Tillison


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