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Judge Jeanine rails over Obama’s failures, getting ‘bitch slapped’ by Putin

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Opening her Fox News show with the definition of a contract, Judge Jeanine Pirro went off on President Obama for his inaction on a laundry list of issues

“Something must be given for something in return,” Pirro said. “Apparently, President Obama was playing golf when they taught that class in law school.”

Pirro talked of Obama’s speech in Cairo and noting that George W. Bush was more popular in the Arab world than Obama is now. She continued with remarks on Hosni Mubarak, Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Why do we even feel the need to make the world safe for democracy?” she asked. “Who the hell put us in charge?”

Complaining that no one respects the United States anymore, Pirro said the president is no help and no one believes him anymore.

“You even get bitch slapped by Russian President Putin after begging him for five weeks to return NSA leaker Edward Snowden,” Pirro said.

She then slammed the president for waffling on energy independence.

“You should have approved the Keystone pipeline,” Pirro said. “You should develop the technology that allows us to drill for oil and the fracking that we need to be energy sufficient.”

Pirro said Obama has been too busy with golf outings and vacations to deal with the tough issues the United States has faced in the past few years.

“Wow, you must be a scratch golfer by now,” she said.

Watch Pirro’s opening statement here.

H/T: Conservative Angle


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