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Ironic twist: Obamacare workers’ new building said to be toxic

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It is utterly ironic that a whole slew of new Obamacare staffers will be working in a building said to be a cesspool of toxic contamination.

The federal government is sending 45 new workers into a county building in Orange County, Calif. that is the subject of a lawsuit for making previous workers quite ill.

Former workers in the building that once housed an oil drilling company claimed last year “their illnesses are directly related to exposure to toxic contamination,” CBS News affiliate KCAL 9 reported.

“We’ve had so many examples of women who have delivered children who have serious issues … people who have fallen ill with strange, auto-immune illnesses there is no explanation for, except for exposure to toxic chemicals,” the county employee’s union representative Jennifer Muir told the station.

And now, new federal employees will be working in it overseeing Obama’s healthcare plan.

Of course, “Orange County officials say the building is perfectly safe,” the report said.

How do they know? “[Officials] say a host of expert analysis shows soil samples contain toxic levels that fall within federal guidelines.”

But the union wants additional testing done before anyone else starts working in the same office space.

“We don’t have any concrete assurances that this building is safe for employees to come back into,” Muir said, adding, ““I definitely think that a lot more testing needs to be done to assess the level and severity of the chemicals that still remain on this site.”

Watch the KCAL9 report here:


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