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‘The Five’ hosts say Million Muslim March more like ’9/11 truther convention’

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One of the topics Fox News Channel’s “The Five” attacked Friday was the “Million Muslim March” scheduled for Sept. 11, an event co-host Eric Bolling described as being “more like a 9/11 truther convention.”

The march, set for the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attack, is being put together by a group calling itself the American Political Action Committee, headed by MD Rabbi Alam.

Andrea Tantaros told the gang that the Council on American Islamic Relations was contacted and advised that they “are not getting involved in this rally at all. They have nothing to do with it.” In addition, they described Alam as “an anti-Semite whack job.”

“This isn’t a Muslim march, this is a 9/11 truther convention,” Eric Bolling put in. “It’s obvious what they’re up to. They’re just trying to say we had nothing to do with 9/11, even though 19 radical Muslim Islamists flew planes into the buildings and killed 3,000 people.”

Greg Gutfeld gave the group some advice. “Change the date, number one,” he said, and then, “Instead of marching, try melding. Fit in. Here’s your slogan: ‘You can’t spell assimilate without Islam.’”

Tantaros wondered “What would happen if Americans tried to organize a ‘Million Man March’ in Saudi Arabia, the day of bin Laden’s death?” She added, “What would happen if it were the other way around?”

“Well it wouldn’t happen,” Bob Beckel said. “That’s the point.”

“Any survivors?” Tatnaros added.

Watch the video courtesy of Mediaite.

The Five made reference to the following interview of Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president of the Islamic Forum for Democracy:


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