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Sharpton fires back at O’Reilly: ‘Man up and grow up’

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Al Sharpton didn’t waste any time doubling down on the rhetoric between him and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. Responding to remarks made by O’Reilly Thursday, Sharpton told O’Reilly to “man up.”

O’Reilly revealed he made a $25,000 contribution to the civil rights activist’s charity in Harlem, defending himself from what he called false statements after Sharpton accused him of “attacking the poor” in a segment on food stamps.

Sharpton confirmed to the Huffington Post in an interview on Friday that O’Reilly donated to his charity and once spoke at a conference for the National Action Network.

“Adults can disagree and work together on different things because they’re adults,” Sharpton told the Huffington Post. “[O’Reilly] needs to man up and grow up because he needs to understand that just because you make a donation does not mean that people cannot disagree.”

Sharpton then continued his rebuttal on MSNBC’s ‘PoliticsNation’ later that evening.

“Bill gave that money privately to someone he’s publicly called, quote, a ‘race hustler’, working in what he calls the ‘grievance industry,’” Sharpton said. “What are we supposed to think about a man who privately is generous, but who says the most vile and divisive things in public?”

The MSNBC host then played a montage of things O’Reilly has said about him.

“Why would Bill give a so-called race hustler $25,000 to help the poor at Christmas?” Sharpton asked. “And why would he write a check to help people that he’s called parasites who just want stuff?”

Watch Sharpton’s segment here via MSNBC.


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