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Rep. Steve King calls for presidential ‘beer summit’ with rodeo clown

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Representative Steve King

An Iowa Republican congressman has finally had enough, and called on President Obama to put an end to the Missouri rodeo clown nonsense and suggested a beer summit as a proper venue.

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, tweeted the following message late Friday morning:

When the whole “issue” of the rodeo clown, who wore an Obama mask while performing his job, came to the public’s attention, I, like many of my colleagues, gave it little notice — the left, however, went nuts.

An MSNBC panel referred to it as “an actual minstrel show,” with “racial implications.”

The NAACP went so far as to call for a Department of Justice investigation.

The Missouri NAACP chapter president referred to the wearing of the mask as a “hate crime.”

Even the Washington Post, a publication I respect though seldom agree with editorially, got all psychological and claimed that when the rodeo clown wore the Obama mask, he demonstrated a “disapproval of the president [that] crossed into a deep, personal hatred, often tinted in racial terms.”

Wow, all that?

The upshot of the brouhaha is that the clown has now been banned for life from performing in the state of Missouri. There go Obama’s job numbers.

The point is, an incident worthy of no more than a footnote buried in the humor section has ballooned into a front page, above-the-fold headline screamer for one reason — the president’s silence. Had he laughed it off on day one, it would have been long-forgotten by now. But he didn’t.

So I beg you, Mr. President, put away the golf clubs for one lousy afternoon and have a beer and photo op with the rodeo clown. Who knows? You could turn him into one of your most enthusiastic supporters.


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