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Fla. Dems choose CFO candidate with serious financial issues

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Allie BraswellThe Urban League’s Allie Braswell of Orlando was tapped by the Democratic Party Thursday to challenge Republican Jeff Atwater’s re-election bid for Florida’s Chief Financial Officer. But Braswell, as it turns out, has some serious financial problems of his own.

The Democrat who intends to run the state’s finances has filed for bankruptcy three times in two different states, beginning in the mid 1990s and continuing to his latest in October of 2008, according to The Florida Times-Union.

Article IV, Section 4 of the Florida Constitution provides that, “(c) The chief financial officer shall serve as the chief fiscal officer of the state, and shall settle and approve accounts against the state, and shall keep all state funds and securities.”

The Times-Union reported:

[Braswell’s] most recent petition, filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Orlando in October 2008, shows he had $324,325 in assets and $509,155 in liabilities. The case was dismissed by Judge Arthur B. Briskman nearly 13 months after it was filed because Brawell defaulted on payments associated with a payment plan.

At the time of dismissal, he was delinquent on plan payments to the tune of $6,000. “Debtor failed to become current in payments and failed to file a response to the Trustee’s motion to dismiss … this case should be dismissed,” the judge wrote in his final order.

“I used bankruptcy as way to responsibly pay my debt,” he said in an interview Friday. “Honestly, my story is of a regular guy,” he added. “I’ve felt the pain that a lot of people feel.”

Braswell’s candidacy was announced Thursday in a statement from party chair Allison Tant. “I am thrilled that Allie Braswell is running for Florida’s CFO,” Tant said. “Because he’s exactly the kind of leader we need in Tallahassee.”

Braswell is president of the Orlando-based Central Florida Urban League.


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