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CNN admits rodeo clown controversy is ‘silly,’ ‘stupid’

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As Newsbusters asks, what’s going on at CNN? It seems the cable network is now wandering off the liberal reservation on a regular basis — perhaps this is an indication of the influence new boss Jeff Zucker is having?

On Thursday afternoon, CNN’s Athena Jones called the Missouri rodeo clown controversy a “firestorm,” but CNN’s tone changed within a matter of hours, as reported by Newsbusters.

On Thursday night’s “Piers Morgan Live,” Morgan admitted “it’s all a bit silly” and agreed with Newt Gingrich that the outrage over the stunt “is all a bit ridiculous.”

Then on Friday morning, anchor Carol Costello huffed, “May I be blunt? This whole controversy is being blown way out of proportion and it’s just kind of stupid now.”

This is Carol Costello we’re talking about!

As for the aforementioned “firestorm,” Newsbusters reports that NBC’s “Today” did it’s part on Monday, asking if the stunt was “Rodeo Racism?” and quoting one spectator saying the act was “like an effigy at a Klan rally.”

Tom Tillison


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