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Oh no, HuffPo: ‘White people are too dumb to know they’re racist’

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The Huffington Post knows how to pick ’em.

whitegirlblackgirl1Tweeting an article about University of Miami sociologist Frank Samson’s study of racial attitudes among white college students, HuffPo slapped on an inflammatory, racist headline guaranteed to draw attention in a summer that’s broiled with racial antagonism in the media since the George Zimmerman trial started in June.

And the response from HuffPo’s liberal demographic was predictable.

From the “some of my best friends are racists” folks …


To the world-weary cynic ….


To the oppressed minority, wiser in the ways of this racist world than whites (and a woman to boot!).


Actually, what’s sad about this isn’t really the study at all – or at least not so much.

First of all, the article’s a good deal less heavy-handed than the tweet implies. The actual headline, “White People Support Academic Meritocracy When It Benefits Them, Study Suggests,” pretty well reflects the content, which is as boring as it sounds. (Using that head would have would have left a tweeter 82 characters to work with but, let’s face it, wouldn’t sell many papers.)

Second, even that’s a dumbed-down read of the actual project, “Altering Public University Admission Standards to Preserve White Group Position in the United States: Results from a Laboratory Experiment.” (Two characters to work with, tweet-wise. Zero papers sold.).

The results were foreordained — no tenured sociologist will do a study that finds white people are not racist — but the technique is cool in a con-artist kind of way.

What’s really sad is that liberal media outlets like HuffPo have no problem tossing out the most insulting, blanket condemnation of a group of individuals they can and that their even more liberal readers rise to it like fish in a tank.

Saddest yet is that they don’t think it’s sad at all.



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