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Hannity shreds 9/11 Muslim March organizer: Audacity beyond words!

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Sean Hannity invited two guests having opposing views on the propriety of the “Million Muslim March” on Capitol Hill scheduled for the 12th anniversary of 9/11. The Thursday night debate turned into a slugfest leaving the pro-Islamic guest licking his wounds.

Hannity began by asking the event’s organizer, MD Rabbi Alam, “You want to turn this into a day about anti-Islamic bigotry?”

Hannity cut Alam off when he claimed that the purpose of the event was to “show America that we Muslim, we denounce terrorism.” He pointed out that it contradicts the the group’s own statement, claiming Muslims are “victimized by being made the villains” since 9/11.

Anti-Islamic activist Brigitte Gabriel agreed. Rather than saying “we rebuke anybody who blows up civilians in the name of Jihad,” Gabriel said, “they are gathering together and crying victim. The audacity is beyond words!”

Earlier in the day, Eric Bolling noted on “The Five” that he’d called one of the founders to ask, “Who are your keynotes?” and they were all, “9/11 truther this, and 9/11 truther that.” Nine-eleven truthers claim that the World Trade Center twin towers were destroyed by either our own country or by Israel with our blessing, in order to stir anti-Islamic sentiment.

Watch the exchange below, courtesy of Mediaite.


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