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Former aide reveals advisors had to hold Obama back over birth certificate

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President Obama’s former aide has been running his mouth lately, divulging information that can’t possibly be sitting well with his old boss.

Reggie Love, Obama’s former personal assistant, told Jim Newton from UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs that when Obama’s long-form birth certificate was produced, advisors had to stop the president from calling an “impromptu press conference” and setting the birth certificate on top of the podium for all to see, The Hill reported.

“He wanted to just have an impromptu press conference, just walk in to the press briefing room in the White House and put it down on the podium,” Love told Newton. “And everyone was like, ‘That’s a really bad idea.’ But he was very gung-ho about doing it because he was so irritated about it.”

According to The Hill, Love offered an explanation on what took Obama so long to show the birth certificate sought by so many, including Donald Trump, who some credit as the one to finally force Obama to produce the document in April 2011.

“[When] your parents don’t live together [and] you travel all over the world, documents get lost,” Love said.

But that doesn’t explain why we have never seen Obama’s college transcripts or his student loan applications.

During the same interview last month, Love revealed to the world that he and Obama played cards during the Osama bin Laden raid because the president just didn’t want to “watch this entire thing.”

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Watch Obama reveal his long-form birth certificate in April 2011 via CNN:


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