Uber-left director Oliver Stone: ‘Obama’s a snake, we have to turn on him!’

Liberal film director Oliver Stone just turned on President Barack Obama on the issue of the National Security Agency spying and said we should all do the same while addressing an audience in Tokyo Monday.

“Obama is a snake. He’s a snake. And we have to turn on him,” he said.

“The Boston Marathon, they were so busy tracking down potential protestors…that they missed the bombers,” Stone told the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan. “It’s never about terrorists, it always becomes about the way J. Edgar Hoover did it; he brought all the weight of government to bear against protestors. He didn’t like protestors. He thought they were left-wing communists. He never could find the proof, but by the time the Vietnam War came around, as you know, 500,000 people were on the list, and they were being eavesdropped on. And where are we now? Same place.”

Stone expressed admiration for the NSA leaker/traitor Edward Snowden, for bringing the issue to the public’s attention.

“I’m proud of him for doing it,” Stone said of Putin and Russia. “We need more countries to stand up to the U.S.”

Watch the video courtesy of The Blaze.


5 thoughts on “Uber-left director Oliver Stone: ‘Obama’s a snake, we have to turn on him!’

  1. HolyCowRUKiddingme says:

    One snake would know another!

  2. cstrasburger says:

    Someone please just blow this idiots mindlessly stupid liberal head off!

  3. Doug says:

    The far left and the far right are not only touching on this issue they’re embracing.

  4. sandyinindy says:

    I just do not understand the left’s need to say this kind of stuff on foreign soil??

    1. Doug says:

      Stone loves to be the provocateur.

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