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Rush, Hannity, Levin: Considerations for 2016 debate moderators

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Tired of seeing CNN host Candy Crowley give Barack Obama a leg up during a debate or hearing George Stephanopoulos question Mitt Romney ad nauseum on the state’s right to regulate contraceptives? Well, there may be some hope on the horizon for conservative for 2016.

At the same time that the Grand Old Party is threatening to leave CNN and NBC out in the cold for their upcoming Hillary Clinton biography’s, it’s also considering scraping the old format of using news anchors to fill the ranks of questioners at the Republican debates, and replacing them with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, according to The Washington Examiner.

The idea is to ask Republican candidates questions that concern conservatives the most during the next GOP primaries, rather than inane personal preference queries like those posed by CNN’s John King: “Elvis or Johnny Cash?” Who cares? And what was going to be his followup? Favorite color?

According to the Examiner’s “Washington Secrets”:

The move comes as several conservatives are pressuring the party to have Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin ask the debate questions. “It makes a lot of sense. We’d get a huge viewership, they’d make a lot of news and maybe have some fun too,” said one of the advocates of the radio trio hosting debates.

The idea began germinating after a Sirius XM radio interview last week, when RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer replied to a question about debate hosting that, “Mark Levin should ask the questions.” It didn’t take much to go from tossing out an idea to asking, “why not?”

The Examiner notes that moderate to left-leaning candidates like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may have a problem with this format, given Levin’s open animosity toward him. Levin told Neil Cavuto, “I will do everything I can, in my little way, to make sure he is not the nominee.”

As for that contraceptive question Stephanopoulos kept hammering Romney about, Romney drew enthusiastic applause when he finally said in exasperation, “Contraception? It’s working just fine, just leave it alone.”

Here’s a clip of that Stephanopoulos-Romney silliness, courtesy of Mediaite.


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