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Trump: GOP needs ‘perfect candidate,’ Hillary tougher than Obama

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Stressing repeatedly that it was too early to know who would emerge by 2016 as a potential Republican contender for president, Donald Trump did say it would take “the perfect candidate” to beat Hillary Clinton if she became the Democratic nominee.

In a sobering interview with Greta Van Susteren Tuesday night, Trump said that “the Republicans, we the Republicans, are going to need the perfect candidate – tough, smart, compassionate” – to win back the White House, particularly if Clinton was the opponent in 2016.

“She’s going to be tough to beat. Actually she’s going to be tougher to beat than President Obama, in my opinion,” Trump said.

After Trump reminded that the country could be facing approximately 22 trillion dollars debt by the next presidential election, Greta asked Trump his opinion on possible GOP contenders, Gov. Chris Christie, and Sens. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, saying they seemed to have a legislative background, but not the business background that former Gov. Mitt Romney had and he still lost.

“Romney didn’t stress the business enough,” Trump said. “Romney didn’t resonate with the people, with the voters. I don’t think he talked enough about economics and making the country great again.”

Not once did Trump say he would be that perfect candidate, but he did say he could make the country “rich again,” that he would make the country “great again.”

“You have to make this country great again,” Trump said, adding that whoever the Republican nominee would be, needed to get that message across to voters.

Watch Trump via Fox News here:


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