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Obama indulges in fried food feast, Michelle nowhere in sight

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While on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama was spotted having lunch on Tuesday, and it probably wouldn’t get the first lady’s seal of approval.

Obama at Nancys in MV 2
Photo credit: Steve Myrick/Martha’s Vineyard Times

The president visited Nancy’s in Oak Bluffs, considered by islanders and vacationers alike as a family tradition for over 50 years and well-known for its seafood, according to its website.

Michelle Obama has been a vocal supporter of guidelines for healthy eating in schools and launched her “Let’s Move” campaign to get kids to exercise. But with his wife nowhere to be found during Tuesday’s rainy-day lunch, the president ordered fried food, according to the Washington Examiner.

“POTUS’s food order at Nancy’s was fried shrimp, fried oysters, onion rings and french fries,” according to the pool report.

The president appeared to be cordial to the owners and patrons of the restaurant. The Examiner reported:

According to the pool, he “shook hands and greeted around 40 people who had gathered on decking outside the restaurant, saying ‘good to see you’ and adding that it was ‘great to be here.'”

At the counter, he said, “Good to see you man, thanks for feeding us.” Afterward, he took the fried chow to the Oak Bluffs home of senior adviser and longtime friend Valerie Jarrett for a joint lunch.

The Martha’s Vineyard Times reported that the president was not seen by pool reporters for the remainder of the day.


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