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Obama administration releases ‘run and hide’ plan for school shootings

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While not everyone agrees with arming teachers, or placing armed guards in schools, a “run and hide” plan may not be the best way to protect children from imminent danger, either.

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Photo credit: The Washington Post

The Obama administration has released a 67-page report on emergency planning with recommendations on how to manage “an active shooter situation,” according to the Daily Caller.

The report came in response to the Newtown, Conn., shooting, and numerous others around the country in recent years.

The document’s “live-shooter” section, written with help from the U.S. Department of Education, doesn’t recommend arming teachers, employing armed guards or even adding door locks in classrooms.

Instead, it suggests that teachers and students run, hide and then fight—but only “if neither running nor hiding is a safe option,” according to the Daily Caller.

With students heading back to school soon, some schools have conducted emergency training. The Daily Caller reported:

A number of principals in the Los Angeles Unified School District participated in “live-shooter training” this summer, reports the Los Angeles Daily News. They will transmit what they learned in the training with teachers in the next few weeks.

What did they learn? That’s some kind of closely-held secret, apparently. Steve Zipperman, a retired LAPD captain who now runs the LAUSD police force, would only tell the Daily News that school officials have been trained in “how to decide in the moment how to save as many lives as possible” when “a traditional lockdown may not be the most appropriate decision.”

Judith Perez, president of Associated Administrators of Los Angeles, said Los Angeles Unified will decide whether to install inside-locking door locks in each classroom.

“It’s awful and horrific that we even have to think about this,” Perez told the Daily News. “None of us went into education with an active shooter on our radar. But all of us are facing the reality of what could happen, and we have a shared responsibility to keep our children safe.”


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