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MSNBC pathetically fails geography just like Obama

obama studies map
Photo Credit: TPM

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It seems members of the geography-challenged cartography team at MSNBC studied at the same school as our geography-challenged president.

Reporting on Obama’s upcoming 2-day bus tour through parts of New York and Pennsylvania, MSNBC showed a pathetically incorrect map of four cities the president will visit.

New York cities Buffalo, Syracuse and Binghamton and Scranton, Pennsylvania are shown on the map, but not at all where they are actually located in the United States.

msnbc map all wrongHaving lived in Buffalo for years, I can say Buffalo is not where the MSNBC arrow shows it – not even close – none of those cities are even close.

However, what more could one expect from the liberal network that is the president’s biggest cheerleader?

Maybe the network figured its viewers wouldn’t know geography either?

Perhaps Obama studied the “57-states” and “ports all along the Gulf — places like Charleston, South Carolina, or Savannah, Georgia, or Jacksonville, Florida” from MSNBC’s cartographers.

H/T: Mediaite


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