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Hell hath no fury! Poor guy dared to question a woman for president

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Morning-joeAs the effort to elect Hillary Clinton as the first ever female president begins in earnest, “Morning Joe” guest Donny Deutsch wandered off the reservation when he suggested that, as a woman, Clinton may be at a disadvantage when dealing with “the al Qaedas of the world.”

The advertising executive made the wrong turn Wednesday while responding to a Washington Post column that argued that a Clinton presidency would promote women’s constructive role in society, in turn encouraging internal reforms in hostile nations, as noted by Mediaite.

“There’s only one challenge in it,” Deutsch said. “Problem: we have a woman, but our enemies are still on the opposite side of the equation. I don’t think the al Qaedas of the world are going to be headed by women, so it falls apart a little bit.”

The advertising executive then goes on to make a highly prejudicial comment that is only allowed if made by the left, saying, “Women plus women equals a win to me. Women and still men on the other side of the table? Theoretically the world would be a better place with women running it. It doesn’t solve the problem.”

As may be expected, his argument that a female president would be hamstrung by male opponents who would exploit her less aggressive agenda was quickly rebuked by the rest of the panel.

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Tom Tillison


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