Bill O’Reilly locks horns with guest over school bus beating sentence

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and criminal defense attorney Eric Schwartzreich locked horns Tuesday night over the sentence recommendations being offered regarding the beating of a young boy.

The security video depicting three older teens brutally beating a 13-year-old kid on a Florida school bus was recently aired, in which the driver can be heard yelling out, “Y’all going to jail.” As it turns out, probably not.

The three appeared in juvenile court Tuesday, where the prosecutor recommended a 9-month probation for two of the offenders. Given the fact that the victim suffered a broken arm and two black eyes, O’Reilly opined, “That seems kinda light.”

Although Schwartzreich agreed it was a “heinous crime,” he insisted the purpose of juvenile court was to rehabilitate “children.”

“They’re children who almost killed another kid!” O’Reilly answered.

He told the defense attorney that maybe he doesn’t understand that the criminal justice system is supposed to protect society.

“This ‘feeling sorry for everybody’ business, this doesn’t protect anyone!”

“You also have to protect the rights of the defendant as well,” the attorney answered.

“If your kid was almost beat to death, you’re telling me nine months of probation would be okay with you?” O’Reilly shot back.

As a criminal defense attorney, Schwartzreich said it’s his job to look at what’s the best deal for the defendants.

“There’s something wrong with these kids and they have to be watched — but they have to be treated as well!”

Watch the exchange.

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