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Papa Paul stands with Rand, says he’s no fan of Chris Christie

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Former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul stood up for his son Rand against “big-government” Chris Christie saying “it’s safe to say” he is no fan of New Jersey’s governor.

Like he did with Mitt Romney, Paul said he would not back or endorse Christie if he won the Republican nomination for president in 2016.

Referring to the verbal spat between Christie and his son, Paul said “he didn’t appreciate the incident, but that it was an important moment highlighting the libertarian views held by him and his son,” The Hill reported.

According to the article:

“I don’t like the bickering back and forth,” he said. “I think it was significant debate: one person blasting those of us who believe in liberty and saying you shouldn’t be that critical of the government, that is significant, but still again two politicians going at it — I would much rather talk about why we should have a [Federal Reserve] or why we shouldn’t.”

And talk he shall, as the new Ron Paul Channel launched Monday where monthly subscribers can get all Ron Paul, all the time on the Internet.

CNN published a video segment of Paul talking about his new channel: “In this day and age of spreading information, it’s not getting on one of the major networks, it’s not getting into the Washington Post or the Boston Globe anymore. It’s alternate media, it’s the Internet, it’s handheld devices,” Paul says in the clip.

According to the Ron Paul Channel website, Dr. Paul said:

Americans are tired of the games and the lies of today’s media. They want the truth.

Imagine this: no censors, no barricades, no statists. We will be able to engage viewers directly on subjects that matter most to them; from finances to civil liberties to foreign policy.

The Ron Paul Channel will stream online, allowing subscribers to watch it when they want, where they want and on the device they want: internet-connected televisions, computers, tablets, and smart phones.

The Ron Paul Channel will allow me to engage directly with viewers. With the help of social media we can cut through the noise and get straight to the truth about subjects that matter most to you. 


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