Mad women! Female officers’ bra sizes emailed to entire police force

women copsFemale police officers with the Detroit Police Department are completely mortified now that the entire force knows their bra cup sizes.

The women provided their measurements – height, weight and bra size – when an order was placed for new bulletproof vests.

When the vests were ready to be picked up by the officers, Commander Dwayne Love sent an email to “commanders, who then forwarded it to the supervisors, who then forwarded it to the officers,” Fox News Detroit reported.

Unfortunately, in what the department called an embarrassing “clerical error,” all the women’s measurements, including breast cup sizes, were included in the attached Excel file.

“We have learned several female officers, who say they have faced ridicule from fellow officers, with the help of their union are filing two grievances against the department and one complaint with EOC. Even if Love made an innocent mistake, the damage they feel has already been done,” the report said.

For whatever good it will do at this point, the police chief and DPD assistant chief James White are supposed to meet with the humiliated female officers later this week to apologize and “assure them that it will never happen again,” Fox Detroit said.

Watch the report here:Fox 2 News Headlines

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4 thoughts on “Mad women! Female officers’ bra sizes emailed to entire police force

  1. Erika K Moureau says:

    So what!?! What’s the big deal? If you have eyes that work, you can generally see what size a woman’s breasts are. This should be a non-issue.

  2. Dona Bahadorkhan says:

    I’m not sure I understand this article. Are the male officers in the department blind? Because being officers that are trained to observe. I’m pretty sure they would have been able to guess (very accurately). If these women aren’t happy with having anyone know their bra size perhaps they should become clowns. I hear the suits are very loose fitting.

  3. patriot1742 says:

    And people do not understand why Detroit is going down the toilet – this is not even high school – this is childish.

  4. Helen Gierke says:

    It’s Detroit. Need we say more?

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