Libs admit Ted Cruz ‘off-the-charts brilliant,’ MSNBC panel comes unglued

The far left will always let us know which conservative politicians they’re most concerned with, and a panel of MSNBC commentators on the “NOW With Alex Wagner” show lived up to this billing in a recent attack on U.S. Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

The panelists denounced what they called Cruz’s “anti-everything approach,” charging him with “bastardizing and distorting the Constitution,” as CNS News reported

Commentator Karen Finney called Cruz a “craven politician” who is “actually using our own liberal doctrine against us,” CNS News noted.

Liberals detest that Cruz is “off-the-charts brilliant,” as Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said and that he has an Ivy League education, graduating cum laude from Princeton University and then magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.

“He’s not crazy. I think he’s very sly . . . he clearly has the gift of gab,” Finney said.

“If you listen to what he’s really saying, for as much as he may be able to write about the Constitution, he’s bastardizing and distorting the Constitution, because the Constitution says this is how our government works, this is how we work together, and he’s not for any of that, so I think he’s sort of using our own bias against us to make it work for him,” she continued.

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