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GOP Congressman on exemptions: Let’s make everyone an ‘honorary staffer’

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After agreeing with Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer that the Obamacare exemptions Congress and their staff gave themselves was “absolutely ridiculous,” a Texas congressman suggested appointing everyone in the United States as “honorary committee staffers.”

Hemmer blasted Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas over the Obamacare exemptions granted Congress and staffers, saying, “I guess if you don’t like the rules, if you don’t like the law, you just amend it and change it. Is that the way it works in Washington,” he asked.

“What our office is wanting to do is, as committee staff gets exempted, we’d like to see everybody in the United States become a committee staffer, therefore everybody would be an exempt individual.”

He later indicated that the bill “was written by Nancy Pelosi staffers,” and “exempted themselves,” then compared the exemptions to “going to a fine dining restaurant but the chef doesn’t want to eat the food he prepared for you.”

“How many members of Congress are going to take the subsidies?” Hemmer shot back. “I mean, it’s an unbelievable thing that you can pass a law and change the rules and take taxpayer dollars to fund your health care. And to get subsidies that are not granted to everyday Americans. It’s absolutely ridiculous!”

Stockman agreed, and placed the blame on the Democratic lawmakers. “Apparently when the president went down to speak with the House Democrats, a deal was struck then.”

Watch the video from Mediaite.


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