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Canada gets it: Limbaugh has 30 million listeners, US media not doing its job

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Outspoken, “shoot from the hip” Canadian commentator Lord Conrad Black excoriated the mainstream media Sunday during a CNN appearance, implying that “Rush Limbaugh has 30 million listeners” because the U.S. media isn’t doing its job.

During his appearance on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Black attacked the U.S. press for its love affair with presidents going back to after the Reagan administration, according to The Daily Caller.

When Zakaria, the show’s host, said Black “was quite dismissive” of President Barack Obama, Black interrupted.

“I’m not dismissive. I would never — Fareed, I’ve never dismissed a president of the U.S.,” Black said. “It’s a great office and I always respect the holder of the office, the present holder and previous ones. I have to say I don’t think the majority of Americans would be quite as enthused about this administration as you are. But I am certainly not dismissive of him. But I think that there have been some serious problems. And I think they don’t start with him. But I think there is a leadership problem in the U.S. that has been going on for most of the time since Reagan retired.”

Black noted a previous GOP president much maligned by the press.

“And in my judgment, since you asked me, I think that there is a very large number of Americans that felt instinctively that the national media and the political establishment had unjustly destroyed a distinguished administration, which Mr. Nixon had in his first term, and had scuttled the effort in Vietnam and had never ceased to congratulate themselves for doing it,” he observed.

Black concluded that when the mainstream media isn’t doing its job — to be the government’s watchdog — the public will go elsewhere.

“And the country is uneasy about that. I think that’s why Rush Limbaugh has 30 million listeners and the network newscasts have declined.”

Watch the exchange below.


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