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Greg Gutfeld zings Obama: ‘He’s just not that into the US’

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In case you missed it, a dapper-looking Greg Gutfeld filled in for Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Friday night and delivered an outstanding commentary on “The President and the public.”

“It’s hard to lead when you dislike the very thing you lead,” Gutfeld said referring to Obama’s dislike of we, the people, in particular, and the country, in general.

“We need to admit this sobering fact: [Obama’s] just not that into us. The U.S., that is,” Gutfeld continued. “Was he ever?”

You will recall the president gave his first solo news conference since April on Friday afternoon, and Gutfeld opined that Obama hates giving press conferences if there’s any chance of it hurting his popularity.

“He’s thinking, ‘Do I really need to talk to these people? Ugh,’” Gutfeld said.

And man, isn’t that the truth?

Watch Gutfeld’s short, but accurate “Talking Points Memo” via Fox News:


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