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Pelosi feigns outrage over ‘Slap Hillary’ game, ‘Slap Palin’ okay

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It’s almost enough to make you want to slap her.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is putting her hypocrisy on full display again with a demand that Republicans take responsibility for – and take down – a “Slap Hillary” Internet game that lets users virtually “slap” former first lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

slaphillaryYet Pelosi and the rest of the left are mum about “Slap Palin,” a far worse site – by any honest measure – that targets former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

That site, which apparently has been up since 2008, not only allows users to virtually “slap” an image of Palin – and draw a woman’s screams of pain –  it includes a photoshopped image of Palin naked,  having sex with former running mate John McCain.

“‘Slap Hillary’ site isn’t a game, it isn’t funny. Like all violence against women, it’s sick. GOP needs to grow up and take this site down,” Pelosi tweeted on Friday, according to examiner.com.

For one of the few times in her public life, Pelosi told the truth. The “Slap Hillary” game really isn’t all that funny, and it’s not a game per se, since there’s no score or goal involved. (The “Slap Sarah” game, on the other hand, actually rewards players who “slap” Palin harder, literally encouraging the violence against women Pelosi claims to abhor.)

However, the game was not produced by the Republican Party, it was put up by an independent group called The Hillary Project, so Pelosi’s talking to the wrong people.

But let’s get real for a minute. Pelosi’s feigned outrage notwithstanding, there’s not a man or woman in America – and barely a child — who hasn’t seen images worse than the ones on either of these games – and probably laughed at them. (This isn’t to say violence against women or anyone else is okay, of course. It’s not. But images like these are part of the media world we live in — a media world very much created by California liberals, come to think of it.)

So it’s not really about violence against women, or sex.

Pelosi and her fellow travelers on the left don’t denounce games like “Slap Hillary” because they’re “sick” like “all violence against women.” They denounce them because they don’t like their politics.

They have no problem with the same thing – and worse – being done to a Republican woman in the same virtual context.

In all seriousness, who’s really “sick” here?


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