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Leftist community organizer calls unions poverty-pimping racists

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Here’s a community organizer you won’t see in the mainstream media.

Protesting outside the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council’s 40th anniversary conference in Chicago might seem like a typically lefty move, but activist J.R. Fleming had harsher words for his “own” side – the “poverty-pimping unions” that spend their time on liberal causes like gay marriage and helping illegal aliens at the expense of American blacks.

community organizerConservative groups like ALEC, he said, are actually doing some good for American blacks.

“Although ALEC has some messed up policies, they’ve got some OK policies, right?” organizer J.R. Fleming told Breitbart.com Thursday.

“They’re trying to repeal minimum sentencing. Nobody is talking the good that they’re doing right? Everybody is focusing on the bad. And since we want to focus on the bad, let’s talk about the bad in the movement.

“Let’s talk about how black men can not work in their community because of the racist unions. Let’s talk about how these cities is [sic] crumbling because how the union is gouging people. Let’s talk about real stuff.”

Fleming told Breitbart you don’t need to look any further than Detroit to see where liberal politics lead – hurting the worst the very people they claim to be trying to help.

“Look at the city of Detroit, the biggest example, the biggest hub of black unions, look what has happened to them. Look at what’s happened to them black brothers. They’re not working, because they allowed the wrong people to represent their interests, and now the whole city is suffering,” he said.

No, he’s no Allen West and he’s not Ben Carson. And there’s no doubt who he voted for in 2008 and 2012, and would again if he could. But at least he’s talking about “the bad in the movement” — and the harm it’s causing to blacks in America.

And that’s something you won’t see Al Sharpton doing on MSNBC.


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