Controversial Fla. abortion clinic offers outrageous coupon

An Orlando abortion clinic being run by a controversial, unlicensed physician is offering a discount for abortions performed on Sundays. What’s next, double the value on Christmas and Easter?

The Orlando Woman’s Center has generated a coupon that gives the holder a $50 discount if redeemed on a Sunday — only one coupon per abortion, the Daily Mail reported.


The women’s center was shut down in June and had all of its equipment seized as part of a $36 million lawsuit after a jury found it negligent when a woman who came in for an illegal third-trimester abortion ended up leaving and delivering a premature baby at the hospital, Life News reported.

James Pendergraft

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Attorneys for the woman said the child suffered a brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy, blindness and severe mental and physical disabilities.

The Orlando Woman’s Center re-opened in July and continues to be run by Dr. James Pendergraft, a physician who has had his license revoked five times by the Florida Board of Medicine.

The latest suspension was a result of Pendergraft not paying fines totaling more than $120,000 from a previous disciplinary action by the Board over a gruesomely botched elective abortion in 2006.

Pendergraft continues to operate four other abortion clinics, primarily in the Orlando area, according to Life News.

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, told Life News: “Pendergraft is a prime example of how an abortionist operating outside the law in a manner that is reminiscent of the Kermit Gosnell murder case.”

Newman accurately said back in April: “Pendergraft belongs in prison just as much as Kermit Gosnell, but the reticence of the Board to revoke his license means he will be back to wrecking more havoc on women.”

Operation Rescue is a pro-life organization that monitors abortion practitioners and exposes illegal and unethical practices. The group is known for serving as a watchdog of Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses.

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Tom Tillison

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6 thoughts on “Controversial Fla. abortion clinic offers outrageous coupon

  1. capnjack43 says:

    Where’s Zimmerman when you need him?

    1. Suegirly says:

      That is an ignorant, racist and very UNPROLIFE comment that does NOT represent the views of the people here and gives the enemies of life ammunition against us. GO AWAY, TROLL.

      1. capnjack43 says:

        Sorry to hear that you support this Doctors actions and disagree with the First Amendment of the Constitution. By responding to a comment that is already there, you are actually the Troll here…

  2. Margie says:

    I am not a supporter of abortions, but this is in very bad taste. A coupon? Really? This is a personal choice of a woman and giving a coupon really belittles all woman that their choice is just another day at the spa akin to a facial. This is an extremely evasive procedure filled with potential danger and a decision that won’t and should not be considered easy or simple by any means. Next there will be BOGOs. 🙁

  3. Just Toad says:

    The media reporting on this story has been minimal. The Sentinel’s Scott Maxwell devoted probably 5 columns writing about the Ocuppy chalker tobdrum up community sympathy but he ignores this doctor who has had his licensed suspended many times and has destroyed the lives of many.

  4. Doug says:

    I’m waiting for a Buy one Get one.

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