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ABC glorifies radical pro-Obama priest who accused US of ‘raping’ blacks

Father Pfleger
Photo Credit CNN.com

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Hard-left Catholic Priest Father Pfleger was highlighted on ABC’s “World News” this past Sunday, which lauded him as a “Chicago hope” in a “league of his own.”

Guest anchor Byron Pitts introduced the segment by saying, “Finally tonight, a story that reminds us all about the power of hope,” describing Pfleger as “a priest bringing new hope to one of Chicago‘s neighborhoods,” as reported by Media Research Center.

The piece focused on how Pfleger is combating gun violence with an ongoing weekly basketball league in one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods, noting that violence is dramatically down in that community.

Incredibly, ABC does not mention any number of inflammatory comments made by the social activist priest. Beginning with a comment he made during the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries in defense of Barack Obama:

“America has been raping people of color and America has to pay the price for the rape!”

And who can forget his performance at the pulpit earlier that year, when he lambasted Hillary Clinton.

“She always thought, ‘This is mine. I’m Bill’s wife, I’m white and this is mine,'” Pfleger said in his sermon. Pretending to cry, Pfleger shouted: “And then out of nowhere came him, Barack Obama. And she said: ‘Damn! Where did you come from?! I’m white! I’m entitled! There’s a black man stealing my show!'”

The controversy goes on and on. Pfleger said in 2011 that the Apostles had “run out on” Jesus and voiced his support for women’s ordination. Comments that played a role in him being suspended from administering the sacraments and from his ministry as pastor of St. Sabina’s Parish.

He even once threatened to “snuff” out a Chicago gun owner.

But ABC News saw fit to ignore all of this to focus on his good deeds of late.

His effort is commendable, no doubt, but rings somewhat hollow. Violence has gripped Chicago for many years and if the solution was as easy as starting an inner-city basketball league, the problem would have been solved long ago. A sentiment that seems to have escaped ABC News — so much for journalism.

Tom Tillison


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