Did Obama flip NBC’s Chuck Todd the bird?

Actor and frequent Breitbart News contributor Adam Baldwin made an interesting observation during President Barack Obama’s Friday afternoon press conference. To say the least, the president displayed some interesting body language.

The president appeared a bit uncomfortable when NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd asked him to answer a previous question Obama hadn’t really answered — plus, he had a question of his own.

Baldwin tweeted his take on the exchange:

A video of the exchange:

Baldwin’s observation brought forth a flurry of replies, starting with these three:




The situation reminded another of a Seinfeld episode:


And to still another, it all made perfect sense:


One final note: In case you have a problem keeping the Baldwin boys apart, all you have to remember is that Adam’s the smart one.


3 thoughts on “Did Obama flip NBC’s Chuck Todd the bird?

  1. Larry Mellette says:

    Of coarse he did. He has no class. Simple as that. He thinks he is cool.

    1. lovinspoonful says:

      Beats other things I’ve seen him do with his finger.

  2. Gary Stevens says:

    WOW! Obama did some thing I agree with.

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