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Jay Leno sticks it to Obama while he waits to be interviewed

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President Barack Obama has been the butt-end of many of Jay Leno’s opening monologue jokes, and Tuesday night was no different —- even though the president was waiting to take the stage for his widely talked about appearance on the show that night.

After lobbing a few softballs, mainly directed against himself and NBC’s decision to not renew his contract, Leno jumped right in. He began with the NSA scandal, brought to public attention by hero/traitor Edward Snowden.

“It will be great talking to him on a one-on-one basis,” he said of the president’s sixth Tonight Show appearance. “Plus, it saves him the trouble of having to go through my e-mails and listen to my phone calls.”

The then noted that the president sent Sen. John McCain to Egypt to “help solve the political problem that brought the Egyptian government to a halt.” To that, Leno remarked, “I got an idea: how about solving the problems that brought our government to a halt? Why don’t we start with that one first?”

When the president came on, Leno became more respectful, but still managed to get in some tough questions, especially on the issue of terror and Benghazi, prompting The Drudge Report’s Matt Drudge to tweet the following:


Watch the monologue courtesy of NBC.


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