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Weiner lobs ‘grandpa’ insult at AARP forum

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At a time when New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s poll numbers are tanking faster than Dave Letterman’s ratings, he can ill-afford to snub any block of voters. Yet that’s exactly what he did when he called a critic “grandpa” — at a forum put together by the National Association of Retired Persons.

Weiner directed the moniker toward his most vocal challenger, 69-year-old Doe Fund founder George McDonald, at an AARP-Univision mayoral forum held Wednesday morning, according to The New York Post.

The exchange took place just prior to the actual form. The post reported:

Before the debate, Weiner put a hand on McDonald’s back and said hello, prompting McDonald to reply: “I would appreciate if you would never touch me again.”

Weiner retorted: “What are you going to do about it, grandpa?” according to two sources.

When Weiner entered the Democratic primary, he easily led the field of five candidates. After the disclosure of a continued sexting scandal involving the outspoken candidate, his poll numbers took a heavy beating. A July 29 Quinnipiac University survey of likely Democratic voters placed him in the number four position.

McDonald is a Republican candidate for the mayor’s seat.

In an effort to regroup after the scandal’s publication, Weiner began courting senior citizens at numerous senior centers. So much for that idea.

Maybe next week he can call someone “pipsqueak” at a Young Democrats convention.

Watch the exchange below provided by the Daily Mail.


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