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Laura Ingraham: $4 million a bargain to pay Holder not to speak

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After releasing Attorney General Eric Holder’s travel expenses for the past three years of travel, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told “O’Reilly Factor” host Laura Ingraham Tuesday that there’s a lesson to be learned about frivolous spending.

“He [Holder] should be more sensitive to the costs his personal junkets are costing the American taxpayer,” Fitton said. “The president promised he’d look at the budget line by line, and these are lines to look at.”

“Is that personal? Is that business? Is it mixed use?” she asked of the $41,251 that Holder spent on a one-day trip to the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Fitton said he did not know, but added that the attorney general generally travels to make speeches.

“I kind of want to pay for him not to speak,” Ingraham said. “If we could pay Eric Holder to not speak and offend our sensibilities, $4 million would be a bargain.”

Watch the segment via Fox News here.

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