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Chelsea sets the stage for Clinton-Bush III

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Like a never-ending sequel to a horror movie, Weasel Zipper warns us that Clinton-Bush III could be on the horizon.

In an interview with CNN while in Africa with her father, former President Bill Clinton, 33-year-old Chelsea Clinton left open the possibility of running for office, although she said working with the Clinton Foundation for now is how she could “best be of service,” Politico reported.

“I’m also grateful to live in a city, and a state and country where really I believe in my elected officials,” Clinton responded when asked about running for office.

“And if someday either of those weren’t true, and I thought I could make more of a difference in the public sector, or if I didn’t like how my city or my state or my country were being run, then I’d have to ask and answer that question.”

Clinton added that she “had very much led a deliberately private life for a long time,” before saying she was now “attempting to lead a purposely public life” — a reference to her work with the foundation.

With early speculation of a possible Hillary Clinton-Jeb Bush match up in 2016, Chelsea leaves hope for those holding out for yet another Clinton-Bush match up, considering that Jeb’s son George P. Bush recently entered the arena as a candidate for Texas Land Commissioner.

Tom Tillison


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