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Cavuto: Obama’s not sticking it to terrorists by going on Leno

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In the latest of a series of what could be perceived as bad presidential visuals, Barack Obama is making his sixth appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, while 19 embassies and consulates remain closed throughout the Middle East and North Africa due an al-Qaida terror threat.

“Is now the time to be doing this,” Cavuto asked, “especially if, God forbid, something bad were to happen and in retrospect we’re seeing him kibitzing with Jay Leno?”

The most glaring example of a similar move was on Sept. 12, when he headed off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser with Jay-Z and Beyonce, one day after the deadly terror attack in Benghazi.

Townhall’s Scottie Nell Hughes agreed, noting that the president seemed “more like the Entertainer-in-chief” than the Commander-in-chief.”

Democratic consultant Jehmu Green took an imaginative position. She said that the Leno appearance was ideal, calling it a modern day version of “the only thing to fear is fear itself.” By doing so, she felt Obama “is sticking it to the terrorists by saying we’re not going to be frozen by fear, we’re not going to cower in the face of all of this chatter that’s going on.”

Immediately after hearing this, a viewer injected a little humor by tweeting:

Watch the discussion, video provided by Mediaite.


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