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Progressive Matt Damon: Obama bullied, overcompensates to prove manhood

Photo Credit TheGuardian.com

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While plugging his newest film, far-left Hollywood moonbat and once staunch Obama supporter Matt Damon fell back to excuse-making to rationalize some of the president’s more troubling actions.

The wide ranging interview with The Guardian took place as Eric Snowden’s revelations about rampant government surveillance were becoming known and Damon was perplexed: “It just seems to have taken this weird, Orwellian turn,” he said. “It’s surreal. I don’t know where we are now.”

Having expressed disappointment in the past about President Obama not being radical enough in bringing change to America, it’s clear Damon has resorted to blaming others.

“I think it’s tough for guys who weren’t in the military,” Damon told The Guardian.

“One, their manhood is kind of challenged on some level, I imagine, and they allow themselves to get bullied. And two, they’re just politically afraid of either looking soft or looking incompetent, so they overcompensate.”

So, you see, it’s not Obama’s fault, he’s just trying to look tough after being “bullied” into proving his “manhood.” Any actions that could be perceived as abusing the power of the U.S. government can be attributed to Obama being forced to “overcompensate.”

As for Damon’s future political involvement, when asked if he would campaign for another presidential candidate, he said: “No, I’m sure I will. As disturbed as I am by a lot of the things that Obama has done and is doing […] the alternative is even more frightening.”

While Damon has cooled on Obama, he did acknowledge voting for him in 2012 and joined with fellow moonbat Ben Affleck to participate in a fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, D-Mass., during her 2012 campaign.

Tom Tillison


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