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Man fights Hawaii to take driver’s exam in native language

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Maybe Hawaii is taking the whole “speak English” thing just a tad too far.

Hawaiian is actually one of the state’s two official languages, recognized by the state’s constitution, and used in “official ceremonies and state events.”

But when Hawaiian Daniel Anthony requested taking his driver’s license exam in the native language, he was denied – all five times – and told to speak English.

Anthony told Honolulu’s KITV News about his experiences using the Hawaiian language on official business:

I Ke’a Ke Kai Kanaka Olelo Hawaii. My name is Daniel Anthony. Does anyone here speak Hawaiian? I was actually laughed at, I was told to leave, I was told that I had to speak English.

I found it difficult to deal with any state agency in Hawaiian. The extreme disrespect and discrimination from the state of Hawaii is appalling.

“Anthony is taking a stand in traffic court to force the state to allow one of its official languages to be more frequently used,” the report said.

“Why would we create schools to have children spend 12 years in the Hawaiian language if they could not, in turn, take that and apply it? In the same state that funds the school?” he asked.

Incredibly, as you can see in the report, Anthony was allowed in the courtroom in traditional Hawaiian dress (not much more than a loincloth and bare feet), but he can’t take a driver’s test in the state’s official language?

Watch the KITV report via AOL News:


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