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Dennis Miller: ‘Mr. President … would you mind working part-time?’

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At least Dennis Miller’s writers are working.

obamamcdonaldsWith the number of new American jobs offering 30 or fewer hours of work per week outnumbering the traditional full-time kind, according to the Investors Business Daily, the United States  is moving more and more toward an economy where the the 40-hour work week is on its way out. And some estimates show the number of part-time jobs is outpacing the number of full-time positions by 35-1, according to an Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Both reports blame  Obamacare – the 2010 law that ostensibly aimed at “universal” health-insurance coverage – but instead looks like its reshaping the American workweek, especially in the traditionally low-paid, low-skill service jobs Obamacare was supposed to help.

A Miller tweet Monday night tried to make that point with a jibe at the man who gave Obamacare its name — and whose legacy depends on it.


Some of Miller’s followers thought he already had a part-time job, just not the one we pay him for.


Some were just relieved Obama’s not trying even harder.


But the best one showed a commitment even die-hard Obamacare critics would have trouble matching.


“Mr. President … would you mind working part-time?” would look great on a Chevy Volt.

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