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CNN becoming a news organization again

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CNN is waking up to the fact that the White House is not exactly forthcoming with information the public has a right to know. To prove it, “Outfront” host Erin Burnett played a montage of Chief Press Secretary Jay Carney’s deflection of reporters’ legitimate questions.

Last week, CNN broke two major stories — both on Benghazi. The first was an exclusive two-hour interview with a major Benghazi suspect, someone the FBI has ignored for almost a year since the deadly attack. The second was the discovery that the Obama administration went to great lengths to keep CIA agents who were witnesses to the Sept. 11 events quiet from Congress and the press.

None of this was lost on the Twitterverse.




In yet another act of catch-up, Burnett will be hosting, “The Truth About Benghazi: An Erin Burnett Outfront Special Investigation,” on Tuesday at 10 pm Eastern.

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