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Women urge support of 28th Amendment, ‘most consequential’ since suffrage

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cindy-gravesLooking to bring accountability to Capitol Hill, Reps. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., and Matt Salmon, R-Ari., introduced a constitutional amendment last week that would prohibit Congress from making any law that its members are exempt from.

“This amendment affirms what the Founding Fathers understood: Members of Congress are servants of the people, not a ruling class separate and distinct from the people,” Rep. DeSantis said in statement on his web site.

A sentiment that is fully endorsed by the Florida Federation of Republican Women, who feel this is “the most consequential and affirmative constitutional proposal” since women’s suffrage, according to a statement released Monday.

“Regardless of party affiliation, all Americans agree that Congress was not meant to be a ruling class and should not be exempt from the laws they pass onto our citizens,”  said Cindy Graves, president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women. 

“We urge all Americans to join us in support of the 28th Amendment which is the most consequential and affirmative Constitutional proposal since 1920 when women’s suffrage was clarified through the 19th Amendment,” Graves continued.

The proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution reads:

“Congress shall make no law respecting the citizens of the United States that does not also apply to the Senators and Representatives.”

The amendment was introduced on the same day the Obama Administration created an exemption to prevent members of Congress and their staffs from paying higher health care costs as a result of Obamacare.

Tom Tillison


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