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Told you so! Virginia gun sales soar, as gun crime plummets

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These are the kind of numbers the gun grabbers hate.

Gun sales in Virginia continue to climb while its rate of gun-related crime keeps on dropping, with 2012 marking the fourth year in a row crime numbers fell while gun purchases increased, according to a Richmond Times-Dispatch article Sunday.

gunsale“This appears to be additional evidence that more guns don’t necessarily lead to more crime,” crime researcher Thomas R. Baker told the paper. “While you can’t conclude from this that tougher laws wouldn’t reduce crime even more, it really makes you question if making it harder for law-abiding people to buy a gun would have any effect on crime.”

According to the Times-Dispatch, total firearm sales in Virginia more than doubled between 2006 and 2012. Gun-related crime has dropped a total of 28 percent during that period, the paper reported.

The conclusion here is obvious: Even if there was no Second Amendment guaranteeing the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms, the gun-control crowd can’t make a coherent argument that restricting gun sales will reduce crime.

In fact, it’s easier to argue the opposite.

Baker, an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, was cautious. There are other factors at work, he said, but “what the data does show is that the ‘more guns, less crime argument’ is certainly possible.”

But Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League and a nationally recognized spokesman for gun rights, went further.

“We had a big spike in guns, and the vast majority of those extra guns are going to decent people,” Van Cleave told the paper.

“Criminals don’t want to get shot by law-abiding citizens that they don’t know has a gun when they try to attack them.”


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