Oprah Winfrey compares Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till lynching

In a recent interview while promoting her motion picture, “The Butler,” Oprah Winfrey found a distinct parallel between the Trayvon Martin shooting and the 1955 Emmett Till lynching. They were “the same thing” in her mind.

Till was an innocent 14-year-old African American boy who was lynched for allegedly flirting with a 21-year-old white woman.

Martin was shot in self-defense while bashing the head of George Zimmerman into the pavement.

I used to have an enormous amount of respect for Ms. Winfrey. I even forgave her enthusiastic support for Barack Obama. She had every right to be proud of America’s first black president.

I cannot, however, fathom what led her to compare the Martin shooting with the Till lynching. It amounts to little more than another round of the continuous race baiting that’s dividing the country I love.

Watch her statement on the following clip made available be The National Review.

Jesse Watters guest co-hosted Fox News Channel’s “The Five” Monday afternoon and during the show’s “One Last Thing” segment, echoed the disappointment of many conservatives and called her comparison “atrocious” and referred to her statement as a “missed opportunity.”

“It was a big missed opportunity for Oprah Winfrey. I was expecting her to kind of take the high road and elevate the conversation and to bring the country forward and add a little unity here. But instead she made this atrocious analogy and I am a little disappointed in Oprah.”

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