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Armed teachers debate heats up: If I answer wrong question, will my teacher shoot me?

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In the wake of last week’s report of an Arkansas school district announcing it would arm and provide SWAT-style training for teachers, “NBC Today” held a panel discussion on teachers carrying firearms.

Carson Daly, co-host for the day, served up the perfect question to New Jersey American Federation of Teachers president Donna Chiera: “What’s the impact – what do you think the impact would be on a child if they knew their teacher was carrying a gun?”

Chiera then responded with a ridiculous rant, as reported by Media Research Center:

“I would hate for students to say, ‘Oh, my goodness, if I answer the wrong question, is my teacher going to shoot me? If I make my teacher angry, is my teacher going to shoot me?'”

Not satisfied that she went far enough in her response, Chiera then suggests that parents might fear being shot for having an “uncomfortable conversation” with a teacher about their child.

Meanwhile her cohorts, Daly, Natalie Morales, weatherman Al Roker and fellow guest Curt Lavarello, executive director of the School Safety Advocacy Council, sat in silence as she uttered such imbecility.

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Tom Tillison


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