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Perino, Gutfeld marvel at Obama-media love affair: ‘It’s almost beautiful’

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Greg Gutfeld, who played relief pitcher for Bill O’Reilly Friday night, commented on The New York Times interview with the president that, “when it comes to reporting on the President, The New York Times lobs more softballs than a slow-pitch southpaw.” He then brought on former Bush-43 press secretary Dana Perino to compare how the handled the two presidents.

He referred to a Washington Free Beacon article before asking Perino, “When you read about the relationship between the White House press corps, or primarily the New York Times with President Obama, are you amazed that this love has lasted this long? It’s almost beautiful.”

Perino agreed that it is “quite incredible,” especially given that “just two months ago, the media was furious at the idea that the administration would dare to investigate a reporter,” and noted “that the New York Times even wrote a scathing editorial about it.”

She observed that while only two months had elapsed since the Associated Press scandal, The Times didn’t mention it during their last interview. “They just ask them all sorts of nice things,” she observed.

“I just think it’s beautiful to see how they can keep a relationship so fresh for so long,” Gutfeld said. “They can just spice it up every year. It’s a beautiful marriage.”

Perino agreed. “They could write a self help book on how to stay married.”

She later attributed it to the press’s fear “of President Obama’s notorious thin skin for bad news coverage,” and compared it to her years in the George W. Bush administration. “By the time I became press secretary, we expected bad news coverage,” she said.

Perino opined that the press’s sweetheart relationship with Obama goes beyond a desire for the president to like them: “I think they actually want to work for him someday.”

Referring to recent posts by liberal outlets such as The Huffington Post, she said, “Even when he gets great coverage, he’s still — it’s not good enough for him.”

Watch the full interview from The Washington Free Beacon.


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