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Oprahoma: Bill Maher tells rich libs like Jay-Z, Oprah to ‘buy a state’

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HBO’s Bill Maher, the man who made a very public deal out of donating $1 million of his own money to President Obama’s re-election back in 2012, thinks there just isn’t enough liberal money in politics.

“In the post-Citizens United world, it’s no longer our ideas versus their ideas, or even our base versus their base,” Maher said on his show “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday night. “It’s our super-rich versus their super-rich and theirs are winning. Which means ours have got to get in the game.”

billmaherAnd Maher’s solution? Some rich liberal needs to just “buy a state,” and get on with the business of creating the kind of sky-blue liberal utopias that are always within reach — if only some mega-rich 1 percenter would drop enough money to take over a governor’s mansion and the statehouse somewhere like Wyoming.

That would show conservative monsters like the Koch brothers, Papa John’s Pizza founder John Schnatter and the Coors brewing family that conservatives aren’t the only ones who will put their money with their mouth is.

Maher’s odd word choice aside – dropping $1 million of personal money into a polical campaign qualifies as “super-rich” for most of the hoi polloi – and even taking into account he’s a comedian who has to figure out how to make a cheap joke like “Oprahoma” work some kind of way – there’s a big problem with the idea.

It’s called California.

Maher wants liberals to own a state? They’ve got the Golden one. He wants a liberal utopia? They’ve already got got the home of gay marriage, virtually legal marijuana, and crippling taxation and environmental laws.

With almost uninterrupted control over the state legislature since 1970, liberal Democrats have turned an economic powerhouse into a basket case, with at least 10 cities  (one of them Oakland) well on the road to the bankruptcy of Democrat-governed Detroit, and a state government with unfunded pension debts of at least $223 billion.

And don’t forget a business climate that has a state blessed with abundant natural resources and wonderful weather losing job-creating businesses at a rate higher than any other state in the country – many of them heading east to Republican-run Texas.

Maher should remember there’s more to state governance than letting men hold hands in public.

He wants liberals to buy a state and show Republicans how it’s done? They already have and they’re doing their damndest to make it look like a national version of Detroit.

It’s called California. And he lives there.


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