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Gov. Jan Brewer mocks Obama: ‘It’s Jay Leno comedy every other week’

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To Jan Brewer, border security is no laughing matter.

That’s why the Arizona governor is calling on conservative activists to use Congress’s August recess to press representatives to stiffen border security measures before taking up comprehensive immigration reform.

janbrewerobamaIt’s a question of priorities, she said, and immigration reform backers have theirs mixed up – and it shows in the 1,000-plus page pork-laden bill that came out of the Senate in July. That bill as written, she said, stands little chance of moving ahead.

“It’s not going to pass (the House) the way it came out of the Senate, and I have serious reservations if it’s going to pass in any form in the House because they’ve got the cart before the horse,” Brewer said in a Politico interview Saturday in Milwaukee, where she was attending a meeting of the National Governor’s Association.

“We’re not going to live through 1986 once again, where President Reagan – my hero – gave amnesty and said our borders would be secured and it didn’t take. It didn’t happen.”

Brewer said Congress should first pass a standalone bill aimed at establishing border security –as defined by a commission made up of officials with first-hand knowledge — border-state governors, border patrol officials and local sheriffs.

“Border security absolutely has to come first,” she said. “That’s got to be done first because I don’t think the general public is going to support anything that’s done until the border is secured.”

As to President Obama’s insistence on the immigration that passed in the Senate with overwhelming Democratic support and a strong backing of Republican senators, Brewer mockingly said Obama’s been getting in practice for the appearance Tuesday on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

“It’s Jay Leno comedy every other week,” she said.


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